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Iraqis stopped to smell the roses. The flowers were in bloom and their sweet scents filled the air.

Each type of rose gave out its unique scent, my favorite was one of the red rose.

Baghdad in Iraq, a land rich in history and culture, where the red rose blossoms not just as a mere flower, but as a national emblem.

Iraq, with its ancient cities, bustling markets, and majestic rivers, has chosen the red rose, a symbol of love and passion, as its national flower.

The red rose, botanically known as part of the Rosa genus, is more than just a symbol of passion and romance; it’s a marvel of botanical complexity.

Each rosebud gradually unfurls to reveal a whirl of intricate petals, often numbering over forty in a single bloom.

These petals, rich in texture, range from deep crimson to vibrant scarlet, creating an explosion of color that speaks to the rose’s enduring appeal.

Flowering mainly in late spring to early fall, the red rose exhibits a cyclical blooming pattern.

The fragrance, a signature trait of the rose, from a delicate, sweet whisper to a more robust, full-bodied aroma.

This olfactory characteristic is due to the rose’s essential oils, highly prized in perfumery and aromatherapy.

Where Does The Red Rose Grow? The red rose finds its roots deeply embedded in the fertile soils of Iraq. In this land, the red rose thrives in cultivated gardens and lush landscapes. It basks in the warm, sunny climate, which is ideal for its growth. The rose, being versatile, adapts well to a variety of soil types, although it prefers well-draining, loamy soils rich in organic matter. In Iraq, roses are not just confined to private gardens and public parks; they are also cultivated for commercial purposes, given their significant cultural and economic value. The ideal conditions for rose cultivation in Iraq include ample sunlight, moderate temperatures, and regular pruning to encourage healthy growth and abundant flowering. Try one today and you will love the scents.