QT Fresh Ambergris essential oil Non Alcoholic (12ml)

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Ambergris is a substance produced in the digestive system of sperm whales (after eaten giant squid) and is highly used by BIG perfume Manufactures (like Chanel etc) for its unique and pleasant fragrance.

Its scarcity pushes the price upwards.

Ambergris' scent can vary from sweet to musky.

According to National Geographic, if the person in charge of choosing aromas at a perfumery likes the smell, ambergris can be worth thousands per ounce.

Why Fresh Ambergris essential oil? There are those who wants the scents of ambergris with freshness, with main essential oil blend of vanilla and orange to add some freshness into the mature, earthly, marine, algoid, tobacco like , leathery, sweet animalic musky thus developed the ambergris oil into a radiant & beautiful ambergris concoction.