Haitian Finest Vetiver/KHUS essential oil - non alcoholic (12ml)

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This is a 12cc/ml/grams (comes in 12ml glass bottle-not in picture) of the finest Haitian Vetiver essential oil. The fragrance will make you visualize high up in the hills of rural Haiti, where some women sit topless on porches and bleating goats break the silence, a group of men gather roots to produce an essential oil used in fine perfumes ranging from Chanel to Guerlain.

When the plant is 18-24 months old, the roots are harvested and used to create the fragrant vetiver essential oil. It also has anti-inflammatory and antibiotic properties that make it good for topical skin applications as well. 


What Does Vetiver Smell Like?

The fragrance is closely related to other fragrant grasses such as lemongrass and citronella. It is a complex earthy, woody scent which has been valued for its aroma since ancient times.

The scent has often been compared to the sharp smell of uncut grass on a warm day. 

Just a little drop will last for long time. The picture does not indicate actual quantity. It is pack in a full 6 grams dip stick bottle.

Vetiver Oil Uses and Benefits

Our finest Haitian Vetiver rejuvenates your skin. Used cosmetically or topically in general, Vetiver Essential Oil is known to firm, tighten, and protect skin against the harsh effects of environmental stressors, thereby exhibiting anti-aging properties.


When experiencing anxious, unnerved, or stressed feelings, use Vetiver oil aromatically or topically. Vetiver oil is rich in sesquiterpenes, which contain grounding properties. When used on the skin or inhaled, Vetiver oil can help provide a calming and grounding effect on emotions. 
School can be taxing and sometimes stressful for children. After a difficult day at school, help your child relax by applying Vetiver oil to your child’s neck and feet. This will help promote calm and grounded feelings. 

Give your body a little TLC with a Vetiver oil bath. For best results, fill the bath tub with warm water and add a couple of drops of Vetiver oil to the water. These simple steps will provide you with an ideal bath that is perfect for deep relaxation. The aromatic benefits of Vetiver oil will also aid in creating a soothing and calming atmosphere.

Vetiver oil’s smell is sweet, woody, and smoky–emitting a strong, earthy scent. Use the earthy tones of Vetiver essential oil as a base for your favorite DIY diffuser blends. Adding Vetiver oil to a diffuser blend will provide aromatic benefits that have a calming, grounding effect on emotions.

Sleep is extremely important for the health of both the mind and body. When we do not receive adequate sleep or have too many sleepless nights, our body functions begin to slow down. To help promote a restful night’s sleep, rub Vetiver oil on the bottom of your feet. Vetiver oil is a great essential oil for sleep and relaxation and can help give your body the sleep it needs.

 Give your body a powerful boost by adding one to two drops of Vetiver oil to your tea or hot drinks during the winter months. Vetiver essential oil contains immune-supporting properties that will help fortify your body against seasonal threats. 

Because of Vetiver oil’s grounding effects, it is commonly used for massages. After a long day of standing, apply a few drops of Vetiver oil to your feet and slowly massage the oil in. A Vetiver oil massage is perfect after a long day, and the aromatic features of the oil can also provide a grounding and calming effect on emotions. 

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