Wild Mysore Royal Double Super Finest Sandalwood Oil 6ml

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This is a 6 grams/ml of Wild Mysore Double Super (Royal quality) Finest Sandalwood Oil. The oil is thick, light yellowish and it has scents that is woody, sweet & floral yet delicate. This is made from selected Mysore Sandalwood (see picture) is currently in serious shortage and very expensive and considered to have the highest quality. If you want the finest sandalwood oil for someone special or for use during special occasions, this is it.

Sandalwood oil shows potential for many applications including:
1. Fungal infection, such as tinea (athlete's foot and ringworm) and Candida.
2. Sunburn, dry skin, etc.

3. Bacterial skin infection, including impetigo, acne and folliculitis.
4. Upper respiratory tract infection
5. Inflammatory symptoms from psoriasis, menstrual cramp, arthritis etc.
6. Personal hygiene products
7. Sanitary products
8. Deodorizers.


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