Whitish AMBERGRIS oil fragrance-non alcoholic (100ml/grams)

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This is a 100 grams of sweet & high quality Ambergriss non alcoholic fragrance oil made from whitish ambergriss from New Zealand area. Just a little drop will last for long time. 

Historically, the primary commercial use of ambergris has been in fragrance chemistry, although it has also been used for medicinal and flavoring purposes. Ambergris is one of the most important amber type odorants and is highly sought.The Ambergris is produced by the Sperm whale and is present in of all the ancient pharmacopoeias. Ambergris has a very typical scent, animally but of great sweetness that seduces particularly feminine noses, who instinctively recognize the odour that will attract males. In fact, Ambergris, like all aromatic substances of animal origin, is a pheromone and acts directly on the hormonal system through the sense of smell, without physical contact. 


The price is inclusive of a 9 to 15 days delivery of standard air mail to anywhere in the world. We are wholeseller for Ambergriss, Aloeswood, Santolum Album/Sandal wood, deer musks, frankinscene from Oman and pure Yemeni's Honey. We provide wholesale price for bigger quantities.

If you want faster delivery, purchase our DHL express shipment found in the "DHL" category

The picture does not indicate actual quantity. It will be shipped in aluminium tin.

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