Sale: 30 ml of Civet's Cat Musk Gland from Ethiopia eau de toilette

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This price is inclusive of standard registered shipping. This is for 30ml/grams of Civet's Cat Musk Gland from Ethiopian eau de toilette. (we gathered the musk from tribesman/wild without caging the civet)
The musk scents is so exotic, 
sweet and attracting...

 The primary use of Civet oil that strikes everyone’s mind is its attention-grabbing fragrance that can uplift the moods and elevate the energy levels of the one who is wearing it and of those who are around....

 It's actually the musky substance that is "extracted" from their perineal gland near the base of their tail. It mainly used as a fixative in perfumes. A fixative is used mainly to prolong the duration of the perfumes scent, although they do have a scent of their own. And many well known perfumes company are using that. Similarly to Musk frm the Moschus family deer and also  ambergris frm Sperm whale vomit. All these are expensives fixatives used in perfumes industry to prolong scents. 

 Its a natural perfume fixative. Perfume makers have been using it for many many years. Perfumemakers have prized civet musk for centuries because of its distinctive odor and preservative effects. 

It will be shipped in a nice matt black glass spray perfumes bottles in a nice enclosed magnetic box. (see picture)

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