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For those who find our pure saffron oil is too strong and pungent, try this saffron oil which are still organic, produce by low temperature solar infusion of the vivid, crimson threads - stigmas derived from the flowers of the saffron crocus in organic cold pressed sweet almond oil (u get the excellent benefits of almond oil too). 

Saffron has been used as a natural skin treatment since ancient times and continues to be a popular choice for healing salves and skin care around the world. Sarron oil is also known to have natural anti aging remedy, rich in antioxidants, vitamin C & Vitamin E. It brighten the skin and with its healing properties and can helpo to cure marks, even out skin texture and lighten skin complexion giving the skin a golden glow, It has excellent moisturizer and skin conditioner. 

Saffron oil also has powerful antioxidant and skin protective properties. Its antioxidant nature means it is useful for both preventive methods for skin care as well as for healing already damaged skin. Besides, Saffron Infused oil is excellent for nourishing and strengthening hair and scalp and soothing irritation and swelling from hot conditions incl rashes and eczema. (source: various internet Dermatologist post)


It comes in a 100ml secured aluminum tin.



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