ROYAL HAWAIIAN SANDALWOOD OIL (Ili`ahi) 100ml/cc/grams

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This is a ROYAL HAWAIIAN SANDALWOOD OIL 100/cc/ml/grams. Hawaiian Sandalwood is called ili-ahi in Hawaiian and was considered a sacred, ceremonial plant used, secured and traded by Hawaiian royalty. 

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The oil is light/pale yellowish and it has scents that is woody, sweet and creamy. Very beautiful, smooth smell but not as strong as those from Mysore, Tamil Nadu, Indonesian or even Australian. This pure Royal Hawaiian Sandalwood Oil is steam distilled from the heartwood of the sustainably harvested from the Santalum paniculatum trees found exclusively on the Island of Hawaii where they thrives in the region's unique climate, botanical and altitude conditions. 


Sandalwood is currently in serious shortage and very expensive and considered to have the highest quality. If you want the finest sandalwood oil for someone special or for use during special occasions, this is it.


Sandalwood is highly sought after for its sensual aphrodisiac qualities, as a relaxing d\sedative and its antiseptic puritying powers. The most important uses of sandalwood are to sedate the nervous system, subduing nervousness, anxiety and insomnia. Researches found that it relaxes brain waves & increases the productionof white blood cells to help the body rid itself of infection. Sandalwood is a well known aphrodisiac that reduces fears & makes an individual both physically & emotionally more open to a physical relationship.


Sandalwood is also considered in alternative medicine to bring one closer with the divine. Sandalwood essential oil, which is very expensive in its pure form, is used primarily for Ayurvedic purposes, and treating anxiety. (source: Wikipedia Free Encyclopedia's)


Sandalwood oil shows potential for many applications including:
1. Fungal infection, such as tinea (athlete's foot and ringworm) and Candida.
2. Sunburn, dry skin, etc.

3. Bacterial skin infection, including impetigo, acne and folliculitis.
4. Upper respiratory tract infection
5. Inflammatory symptoms from psoriasis, menstrual cramp, arthritis etc.
6. Personal hygiene products
7. Sanitary products
8. Deodorizers.


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