Pure Aloeswood/Agarwood/Oud China Oud oil 3cc batch 08082019

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(The picture shows more than 3cc. 3cc will be shipped in 3cc glass bottle) This price comes with free shipping.

Due to demand, we have decided to keep some stocks for online selling. Normally, this Chinese Oud oil will be sold to our Middle East regular buyers on per litres basis. This is a 3 grams of double Super China Oud which is pure & rich Aloeswood oil made from the finest Aloeswoods of the remote jungle in China. The oil has a uniques and strong scents and it last for along time.

Aloeswood is one of the most rare and precious woods in the world, prized for its rich and wonderful fragrance. It has been used for centuries in religious ceremonies, as well as in traditional medicine. It is believed to have both mental and physical medicinal benefits – with properties thought to balance the mind and body and relieve pain. Aloeswood is also believed by many to have aphrodisiacal qualities. (source © 2004 Aloeswood.net.)

Aloeswood oil is known for bringing relaxation to the mind, warm the heart & calm the mind, it is a truly uplifting experience and open an avenue of peace and contentment. In early years, many noble women & men use Aloeswood oil and burn aloeswood chips to fragrance themselves, their clothes, rooms prior to attending important meeting, party, weedings, etc to stay attractive and having beautiful scents. And also acts as anAPHRODISIAC.

In the world, Aloeswood is the most prized of all incenses, and the purest Aloeswood is pound-for-pound more expensive than gold! Aloeswood trees have sweet-smelling flowers, and are native to Northern India, Laos, Cambodia, Burma, Malaysia, Indonesia and Vietnam. When an Aloes tree has fallen (from natural causes), a dark resin forms within its heartwood. This resin forms as an immune response, and the heartwood is then harvested for incense and medicinal uses. The older the tree, the better the quality, and the more expensive the wood. Aloeswood incense is used for both medicinal and spiritual purposes. As a medicine, it is a remedy for nervous disorders. For non-medicinal purposes, it is used to help people get in touch with their spiritual side, and thus, it is in high demand as a meditation aid. Those who use aloeswood incense claim that it has a great calming effect on the mind. But Aloes isn't just for medical and spiritual uses. Many feel it is a powerful aphrodisiac, and in some cultures the women scent their clothes as well as themselves with it.