Oud Malaki DSuper 3cc-Royal Family recipes

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This is a 3 grams of double Super Royal Oud Malaki supplied by Saudi Royal Family. Its being done by someone being very senior in the Royal Family and the recipes was shared with us as we supplied them with Top quality Oud and Deer Musk products. The oil is very rich, dark and very exotic scents and used Aged Double Super Quality Cambodian Oud with Taif rose (supplied by them), number 1 saffron oil (supplied by them), ambergris, deer musk black grains and etc. This is a chance for you to experience an oil created by the expert and use by the expert in oil especially Oud and Deer musk oil/grains. This 3 grams comes in a standard 1/4 thola dip stick bottle. 
Aloeswood is known for bringing relaxation to the mind, warm the heart & calm the mind, it is a truly uplifting experience and open an avenue of peace and contentment. In early years, many noble women & men use Aloeswood oil and burn aloeswood chips to fragrance their clothes, rooms, house prior to attending important meeting, party, weddings, etc to stay attractive and having beautiful scents. And also acts as an APHRODISIAC.



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