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This is a 3g of Nepalese MUSK paste made from Nepalese Deer Musk by Nepalese villages up in the mountain ranges with SpermWhale Ambergris and have been kept for long time. This can be use as perfume or touch on perfume. The scent is super beautiful with long lasting scents. You can also enhance your other perfumes by adding little of this paste.

If Jean Poison would have been alive, this would be her favorite. It was made known in a documentary that Jean Poison was using perfume made from deer musk black grains and 20 years after her death, her bedroom still has the scents of this deer musk perfume.

Musk is the secretion of the musk scent sac - the preputial gland--of male musk deer (Muschus spp., Feng et al., 1981, Ying, 1990). Main ingredient of musk is muscone. Male musk deer start to secret musk at the ago of one and half years old and continue the secretion until the age of 17 years old, the peak secretion is between 3~10 years old (Green, 1989, Sheng et al., 1993). Average weight of musk pods is 15 g, a male musk deer produce 8.4g musk per year. Musk is used by male musk deer to mark their territories and as a sexual pheromone to attract females during breeding seasons (Yang and Feng, 1998). For thousands of years, musk is used as scents and traditional medicine in middle East, India sub-continent and Far East, in Europe musk is used as an ingredient for making high-class perfumes (Green, 1983). There are 398 patented Chinese medicines using musk as an ingredient. Musk is an issue that links the natural conservation, economics, international trade, traditional medicine, domestic and international law as well as biology.

Historically, the primary commercial use of ambergris has been in chemistry, although it has also been used for and purposes. Ambergris is one of the most important amber type odorants and is highly sought.The Ambergris is produced by the Sperm whale and is present in of all the ancient pharmacopoeias. Ambergris has a very typical scent, animally but of great sweetness that seduces particularly feminine noses, who instinctively recognize the odour that will attract males. In fact, Ambergris, like all aromatic substances of animal origin, is a pheromone and acts directly on the hormonal system through the sense of smell, without physical contact.

The price is inclusive of a 9 to 15 working days delivery of standard air mail to anywhere in the world. We are wholeseller for Ambergriss, Aloeswood, Santolum Album/Sandal wood, deer musks, frankinscene from Oman and pure Yemeni's Honey. We provide wholesale price for bigger quantities.


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