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The Smell of Jasmine, the Calm of the Crowd...floral, warm, sweet, musky, exotic. Our natural Jasmine Fragrance Oil is intensely floral, very sweet and tenacious. This fragrance oil is infused with natural essential oils and extracts, including Jasmine Extract, Neroli Oil, Orange Jessamine Extract and Tonka Bean Extract.


This is Jasmine Oil of Indian origin. It comes with a beautiful 30ml black glass bottle with glass stopper.

Jasmine oil has a very Intense sweet aroma. Also known as The King of Flowers, Jasmine Oil is probably the most masculine of all floral aromas. It has a Relaxing, intoxicating, warming, great aphrodisiac and it reaches the heart and soul like no other oil can, releasing fear, distrust, and pessimism and bringing us into a state of inspiration, self-confidence, and loving warmth.

It physical beneficial properties include cleansing and balancing the skin, mental and spiritual benefits include calming fear, releasing feelings of depression and anxiety, and promoting self-confidence.

 It also reaches our emotional center, allowing us to open ourselves to others. In this way, it is an aphrodisiac oil because it allows the body to relax and creates a euphoric feeling.

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