Attar Oudh/Agarwood/Aloeswood MALIKI 6cc.

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This is a 6 grams of Superb rich Dehan Oudh (from Cambodi) MALIKI (made with Rose) made in Singapore factory that being exported to the Middle East.
It aids in the relaxation of the mind, warm the heart & calm the mind, it is a truly uplifting experience and open an avenue of peace and contentment. Aloeswood/Agarwood in Maliki are a match made in Heaven that is the most potent aphrodisiac of all the essential oils.
The price is inclusive of a 9 to 12 days delivery of standard air mail to anywhere in the world. We are wholeseller for Ambergriss, Aloeswood, Santolum Album/Sandal wood, deer musks, frankinscene from Oman and pure Yemeni's Honey, Kuk & Aloeswood prayer beads. We provide wholesale price for bigger quantities.
Take note that different batches may smell differently as it depends on the resources available when making this oil. 

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