Aged Kalimantan Oud/Aloeswood/Agarwood oil 3cc

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This price is inclusive of registered shipping delivery between 9 to 15 working days but subjected to your local custom clearance. This is a 3cc of of Aged pure Aloeswood oil from the wild of Kalimantan. This oil was kept over time from 1981 and the oild is very dark and medium thick with smooth scents that lasted. This oil is so strong that you can dilute it with base oil like sandalwood of your own. This is the best from Kalimantan.

Aloeswood oil is known for bringing relaxation of the mind, warm the heart & calm the mind, it is a truly uplifting experience and open an avenue of peace and contentment. 

The price is inclusive of a 9 to 12 days delivery of standard air mail to anywhere in the world. We are wholeseller for Ambergriss, Aloeswood, Santolum Album/Sandal wood, deer musks, frankinscene from Oman and pure Yemeni's Honey, Kuk & Aloeswood prayer beads. We provide wholesale price for bigger quantities.