7 grams of Civet's Cat Musk Gland from Ethiopian

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This price is inclusive of standard registered shipping. This is for 7 grams of of Pure Civet's Cat musk gland from Ethiopia. The musk scents is so exotic. Its a natural perfume fixative. Perfume makers have been using it for many many years. Perfumemakers have prized civet musk for centuries because of its distinctive odor and preservative effects.

You can have this civet cat musk gland and mix with your own oil or alcohol. We can also supply you with our own sandalwood from Mysore or Tamil Nadu (Indian) or our popular musk deer oil that you can mix with this musk. Some of our oil can be found by clicking on the categories to your left of the screen.

If you need more than 2 grams, do let us know.